Phone Camera For Blogging?

Shot with a iPhone 6S Plus. No edits.

Sometimes getting ablog post together from idea to finished product can seem like a big job. Depending on what your post is about it can very well be a big and time consuming task. Shooting the photos, pulling out memory cards, inserting memory cards, editing, exporting, uploading, writing, tagging, sharing! All these little bits of time add up. Sometimes, using your phones camera is not only faster, but it can at times be nearly as good as your big beautiful camera. Snapping the photos you need with your phone, a couple quick app taps to edit (if needed) and then uploading to your blog is a lot faster than using your real camera. The way I see it is if using your good camera is going to stop you from posting, just use your phone.

woman phone soccer game fixxedia.jpg



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