How to gain Twitter followers Fast

This is the simplest way to gain real twitter followers in a hurry.


1. Find person on Twitter that has the same type of interests as you and has a good following. If your into photography, find @RobMoses. If your into comedy find @AzizAnsari or @BillBurr.

2. On their profile, click on “Followers”.

3. Start following like crazy! Don’t bother looking at their profiles or even their names, just follow.

Now lets say you followed 400 people in one sitting. Depending on what type of followers that person actually has you might get 100 follows from that, maybe more, maybe less. The point is, you got yourself a bunch of followers you wouldn’t have otherwise got if you were just waiting for people to find you.

Depending on how many followers you want and how much time you have to dedicate to you account, repeat this every few days or even every week. At some point you will reach your follow limit. At that time, google “twitter unfollow” and use any one of the many sites that show you who is not following you back and unfollow those people.

Good Luck and be sure and follow us! @Fixxedia on Twitter. 🙂

Oh and one last thing, be sure and tweet something at least once a day. No one will follow if your timeline is empty.



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