Keeping Your Photos Organized

I have a friend who just imports his photos and everything is stored by date. Sure this method is faster at import time, but you loose more time when your looking for something later on. I find it much more productive to import your photos into different files. For example, in my library I have separate files for Street Photography, Portland, Seattle, Portraits, Architecture and so on.

lightroom 5 fixxedia socail media and digital marketing Portland, Seattle, LA SF NYC New York CityEven if you have been just been importing by date, you can start making the change now. I use Lightroom, so I’ll be talking first had about that program (other programs will have similar protocol). Next time you go for a portrait shoot (or whatever kind of shoot), when sit down to import you photos just check off “Into Subfolder” on the right side of your screen and name the folder “Portraits”. Next time, do it again for your street shots and on on. Soon enough your entire library will be organized nicely and you’ll save a ton of time looking for perviously shot photos.

Thanks for stopping in, Fixxedia


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