Periscope With Your GoPro

If you have tried the live streaming app Periscope, then you probably saw how much fun it can be. Well the fun of live streaming your life and adventures just got even better. You can now Periscope through your GoPro! We gave it a quick try today in our office and it worked like a charm! Now, we just need to take this new GoPro ability and get on some fun adventures!

gopro hero 4

Here is how to stream via your GoPro:

  1. Connect to your GoPro’s WiFi, making sure it’s on video mode.
  2. Open Periscope on your iPhone & tap the broadcast button.
  3. The GoPro button will automatically be highlighted — so give your broadcast a title and go live.

Periscope button

If your on Periscope, give us a follow! @fixxedia

Thanks for stopping in, Fixxedia


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